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About Impakt Distributors

Impakt Distributors has purposely followed a policy of distributing only the best of breed products which, of necessity, must also be of the highest quality. Exceptional standards are required of all our staff and the support or delivery they render must add value to our customers’ business. Capacity building is one of core functions, thus we continuously engage in activities that enable us to transfer our experience and expertise to our resellers. Most of the vendors whom we represent are also market leaders in their particular fields. Our distributors portfolio comprises of computer parts, storage devices, CPU’s, memory, multimedia products, complete computer systems, display devices, consumables, printers, consumer electronics, input devices, network products and software products. We specialize in:
  • Product Distribution
  • Licensing
  • Licensing Skills
  • Consulting
  • Customer Care
  • Credit Facilities
  • Product Procurement
  • Reseller Training
  • Pre-sales Support
  • End-user Training
  • Logistics
  • Debt Collection Management

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